What's your favorite Desktop Environment

  • Gnome
  • KDE
  • Budgie
  • Xfce
  • Cinnamon
  • Cutefish
  • Deepin
  • MATE
  • Lxqt

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My favorite was KDE Plasma for the longest time. As of recent GNOME has taken over for me.

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I’ve been using Cinnamon for about a month now, been enjoying its light but customizable environment.

I like kde a lot tons of features it’s all in one Gnome is cool but more bloated

For the last time…



KDE Plasma for me. And Window manager bspwm

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I’d just like to interject for a moment…

Btw gnome ftw

I like KDE Plasma since it’s pretty close to Windows which made it easy to switch to, and using KDE Connect as a macro panel on my phone speeds up my workflow a tiny bit.

At the moment I’m using XFCE. I don’t really have a favorite since I like nearly every DE. It’s hard to pick a favorite when they are all so different.

KDE is fine for me but is over bloated for my taste :slight_smile:

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KDE although now using a Window Manager

KDE and Gnome. I can imagine using cutefish eventually too.
But im using sway on my laptop because it’s faster for me.
Im running KDE on my desktop tho.

KDE for the win for sore. Happy birthday KDE!!

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My favourite desktops are Xfce and Cinnamon, becuz kde lags and has so much bugs and gnome looks really boringgg

As far as Desktop Environments go XFCE is just the best imo.

On desktop it’s XFCE but on a laptop, it’s GNOME (on Fedora for me) because of the touchpad gestures and other similar features.

Is CuteFish a Desktop at this point? Wow!

On the top of my list, KDE Plasma. But, also, deepin and cutefish.

Also, idk why, I just hate the way that gnome looks and works. idk how to explain, but it simply annoys me.

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I used to be the same way with GNOME, but it eventually grew on me.

I will never know to be honest, KDE gives me absolute power but it can look quite ugly at times, I do prefer clean defaults like some DEs offer with GNOME.

I am currently using Pop OS because I find Jeremy Soller ideals with the current GNOME state quite interesting.

Also, Cinnamon is perfect for new users, always my third choice.