TOP Linux Desktop Enviroments

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introduction ~

Ranking (x/10 Ease of Use, x/10 Customization, x/10 Features)

  1. GNOME

  2. KDE Plasma

  3. xfce

  4. Cinnamon

  5. MATE

  6. LXDE/LXQt

  7. Budgie

  8. Deepin

  9. UKUI

  10. Pantheon

  11. Unity

  12. enlightenment

  13. Windows Managers (i3, dwm, openbox, xmonad, awesome, etc.)

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Is Gnome lighter now than it was back in 2019? If not I guess I’d go with Plasma on top, also I feel like it’s even more customizable.

I think that it is quite close, but for me at least Gnome has got the edge.