Solution for crackling audio on Firefox (volume slider)

I was pulling my hair out a few days ago because of this annoying bug I had with the audio when moving the volume slider on Firefox, and after five failed attempts tweaking strange pulseaudio config files, I have finally found the solution that I wanted to share.

It is important to point out if this crackling audio issue happens only on Firefox, just open any mp3 file with VLC and move the volume slider like crazy, if you don’t hear any crackling or popping issues, we can safely say it’s Firefox.

If you do, have some other audio issues, I have nothing but to wish you the best of luck, because pulseaudio and ALSA are a (bleep) to troubleshoot.

The solution for this is pretty simple, you need to go to the about:config options menu, and search for this value called: media.webspeech.synth.enabled, set it to false and restart Firefox.

The best way to find if this worked is to go to Twitter, and move the volume slider on any video like crazy, your audio should not be crackling anymore (most YouTube videos differentiate on hHz values and are quite hard to see if some fixes actually work).

This issue apparently has its place with Firefox’s speech synthesizer for book mode reading, somehow it messes up with pulseaudio creating this nasty crackling audio, by disabling this reading mode, pulseaudio won’t be fighting with the synthesizer anymore.

If you find this helpful please share this fix. Thanks for reading.