[NEW] Light Theme Option, Thumbnails

Some new additions to the forums!

Light Theme

If you would prefer the default Discourse light them you can select the option! Just open the small hamburger menu next to your profile picture. Near the bottom of that menu you will see the Dracula Theme and Light Theme options.

My long term goal with this theme selection option is to give you all the option to switch between some of the popular color pallets. (Nordic, PaperColor, GruvBox, and more)


To increase overall site visuals I have added list style thumbnails and galleries within the topic categories. This will pull the first image in any topic as the thumbnail and pull the image if the topic is shared to social media. With this I would suggest adding a image to your topics when possible. Not required, but it will make everything look nicer.

This is still a work in progress. Check the category below for a live example.

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This is great! I can’t wait to get access to the Nord color scheme in this forum.
Not a lot of discourse forums bother to implement themes but I think its a great idea to add customization features!

I’ve replaced the light theme option with Nordic. Still a work in progress. Some coloring may change.

Is the forum logo going to change soon? I’m talking about the one next to the big “Discourse” title.

Yes, this will be edited before official launch in mid-November. :slight_smile:
Below is our to do list before launch.