Mailspring – AWESOME Linux Email Client

The options for Linux email clients are not the best if you’re looking for an application that is elegant and modern. Mailspring is a free and open source email application that is available to download via a snap/flatpack as well as in the AUR. This email client has not always followed the free and open source principles to the full extent. Recently, the project shifted to this including the code that is used in the sync and account features.

Recent Mailspring Update

In my comments there was some folks that couldn’t use this application because they needed right-to-left compatibilities for their language. Luckily, this was added with a recent release! See the tweet below announce the feature.

Read Receipts

The primary reason I love this application is the read receipt feature. When you send off an email from Mailspring it adds tracking features so you can see when the recipient open the emails and click on any links you may have added to an email. Additionally, if someone opens your email multiple times it will let you know with exact timestamps.

To learn more watch the video above or checkout


I found this some time ago, but I use it everyday over clients like evolution and geary. Especially with themes you can really make it look good with your system theme (or even make your own)

My favorite thing about it is being able to see when someone is ignoring me. :rofl:

I really loved the app, I just couldn’t kept it opened, my device has just 4GB or RAM, so I use as an alternative a Web Widget on my desktop with the mail client opened as a site. (My main one is, pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to use it on Mailspring).

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I have used this, its pretty great! But I find myself enjoying Thunderbird a little bit more, once setup its quite bearable