Fluent GTK Experience [GNOME]

My current GNOME GTK theming icons and more! My favorite thing about the GNOME desktop environment in Linux is how awesome you can make it look. In this video we highlight the Fluent GTK theme, Flatery icons, and quickly overview my current extension set.

Distro: EndeavourOS
Shell: Blur my Shell , UI Improvements , User Themes
Panel: Clipboard Indicator , Extension List , OpenWeather , Places , Screenshot Tool , Sound Input & Output Device Chooser , system-monitor , Removable Drive Menu, krypto, GSConnect, Applications Menu
Dock: gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock-gnome40-git
GTK Theme: Fluent-gtk-theme
Icon Theme: Flatery-icon-theme
Wallpaper: adventure-alpine

Compact Firefox Guide

  1. In the navigation bar type about:config
  2. Search for broswer.compactmode.show
  3. Change this setting to True
  4. Right click on the toolbar and select ‘Customize Toolbar…’
  5. You will find the setting on the bottom of the under under the ‘Density’ drop-down menu.