Deepin Linux is actually getting AWESOME

Deepin Linux has made a huge amount of improvements since the last time we took a look. Many of the complaints including; translation issues, weird multitasking UI, and more. Most of this has been fix! Overall it is looking like an awesome operating system. The only things that were holding it back before where various issues and bugs. As those clear up the Deepin Desktop will start making it’s way up the ranks as one of the best Desktop environments out there.

Deepin is great for users coming over from MacOS or anyone looking for an intuitive Linux environment.

Checkout the change log to see all the different issues that have been fixed.

New: Global Search

In addition to this they have a new global search feature on the taskbar. This will help out finding your files and applications. The only issue I have with it is it cannot be used to pull up root directories at the time of recording.

Download it here:


I saw the video, thanks. Yes the interface I have to say is awesome. Still with some bugs and need more work but forn my taste it looks great. Nice design have to say.

I’m a long time Deepin user and the main problem with the distro is that developers focus on too many things their DE feels both good and bad at the same time.