CLEAN Look with Qogir [GNOME 41]

Distro: OpenSUSE
Shell: Blur my Shell , UI Improvements , User Themes
Panel: Extension List, Places, Sound Input & Output Device Chooser, freon, krypto

GTK Theme: Qogir-theme
Icon Theme: Qogir-icon-theme

PSA: don’t overwrite your firefox pref.js unless you want to lose all settings you’ve customized yourself. If you go to about:config and set ‘browser.uidensity’ to ‘1’ it will make things more compact. Backup your pref.js first if you intend to try theirs out!

*Firefox Edit: prefs.js
Replace the existing file in your Firefox profile directory.
home/USER/.mozilla/firefox/... .default-release/
CLOSE FIREFOX before doing so, otherwise it’ll be overwritten by Firefox prematurely

*This Firefox edit is pulled from the Feren OS configuration.

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