BEST Lightweight Linux Distro - antiX + IceWM

antiX Linux is one of the best lightweight Linux distributions available to download today. antiX is a Debian based Linux distribution that gives you a systemd-free installation. This distro is great on old computers or if you have limited ram in your system. antiX is not only great for the lower spec machines, but for anyone looking for a simple lightweight operating system that doesn’t get in the way of your workflow.

Video Timestamps:
00:00 - BEST Lightweight Distro
01:10 - Install
03:10 - IceWM
04:41 - App Select
05:33 - Marx
06:14 - Software
09:37 - Control Center

Learn more about IceWM:

antiX Linux:

Download antiX Linux:

Looks nice for a light distro! It’s kinda hard to run anything at a computer like this, glad it worked!